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Welcome to Brooklyn!

No trip to the Big Apple is complete without visiting this legendary borough. Brooklyn is home to over two million New Yorkers. Our streets celebrate the music of George Gershwin, the laughter of Woody Allen, and the films of Spike Lee - all children of Brooklyn. Cross the East River and step into a fascinating mosaic of diverse cultures.

    Brooklyn Bridge
  • Join us for a stroll along quiet tree-lined streets and admire charming 19th-century homes.
  • Travel through our own "Little Italy" where the enticing aroma of espresso floats out of traditional cafes.
  • Open the door to ancient biblical customs in an orthodox Jewish neighborhoods.
  • Witness the historic renaissance and landmark treasures in the City's largest African-American community.
  • Capture the breath-taking view of Manhattan's skyline while standing beside the world-famous Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Discover the vibrant sights, sounds and flavors of new arrivals from Russia to the Caribbean islands: making Brooklyn home.

Come with us to Brooklyn: touch the soul of New York!

The following specialized tours are offered to groups:

For Charter Groups:
We have over ten years years experience with group charter tours. We consider any self-contained group a charter. This can be a private limosine tour, or a multi-coach tour for several hundered passengers. We offer "step on" guides when you provide your own vehicle. We can also provide a vehicle for you; we work with several luxury motorcoach and limosine companies. Prices vary depending on your needs and the tour you choose. Substantial group discounts off the public price are often available. Charter tours require a minimum two week advance payment by check.

Brooklyn Highlights: The classic overview of Brooklyn, with a discussion of local history, anecdotes, and arachitecture. We periodically modify the itinerary to stay relevant, as neighborhoods evolve and current events make headlines. This "bus-and-walking" tour includes several short walks. Tour lasts 3 to 4 hours. Departure from Manhattan or Brooklyn. Price for individuals: $35 per adult; $30 for seniors and students; $20 under 12 yrs. Price for step on guide: $220 and up.

Brooklyn Experience: We offer charter groups the opportunity to create a special interest tour: invent an itinerary, focus on a theme, meet artists in their studios, visit places off the beaten path, etc .... Organizing a family reunion? Take our unique Family Heritage tour. We work out a custom designed visit touching your family's personal Brooklyn history. My esteemed colleague and former Brooklynite, Juliette, aptly puts it this way: "Brooklynites spend half our lives trying to get out of Brooklyn, looking for greener pastures; then, we spend the rest of our lives waxing nostalgic about the good old times in Brooklyn." So true, so true....Prices vary. Experience tours require minimum six weeks preparation. Inquire for details.

Manhattan Highlights: It's difficult to imagine anyone wanting to leave Brooklyn, but if your interests lie elsewhere, our expert guides can show you Manhattan like nobody's business. These are not "point and gawk" tours. We'll help you see New York as New Yorkers do: beyond cliches..... to the heart of the City. Tours last 4 hours. Price for step-on guide: $200 and up. Inquire for details.

For Individuals or Groups:

Brooklyn Select Tour: We hop on public transportation to to visit three distinct neighborhoods on foot. Public transportation (usually the subway) gets us to our neighborhood destinations. As we stroll through each neighborhood we define landmark architecture, descibe local history, and discuss changes affecting the community. We select from these contrasting neighborhoods: historic Park Slope; historic Brooklyn Heights; landmark sections of Fort Green and/or Clinton Hill; or ethnic and artistic enclaves in Williamsburg. This is a real streetside experience for those who enjoy walking. Price: $15 per person.

Fulton Landing at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge

CONTACT US: For information and reservations, by phone or fax: 718 398 0939, Monday through Friday, 9am--6pm. Tell us what weekend you are interested in, and be sure to leave your contact information. Via internet:

Brooklyn Attitude Tours

Information, Reservations & Fax: (1) 718-398-0939

Tours available in French, Italian and English.

Group discounts available.


Advance purchase required. Last minute cancellations are not accepted; however, tickets may be used at a later date. Ticket/vouchers are proof of purchase.

Brooklyn Attitude is a proud member of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and the Brooklyn Tourism Council. All guides are NYC licensed.

Brooklyn Attitude reserves the right to make cancellations or changes in the itinerary when necessary. It is not responsible for injury, loss, damage, or delays incurred during or pertaining to these tours.