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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Brooklyn Brownstones 1- How frequently do tours run?.
    Group Tours: Charter groups may reserve a Highlights Tour or Experience Tour in advance on any available day throughout the year. For more information on charter groups, click on charters. General public: Highlights tours and Brooklyn Select tours are offered on selected weekends from May through October, with advance reservation. Most tours run Saturday mornings, finishing at lunchtime. Occasionally we alternate a Sunday, to enjoy special events happening around town. There are several "blackout" weekends with no public tours.

    2- Where do you meet? At what time?
    Highlights tours always depart and return in midtown Manhattan. Although we don't pick up at every hotel, we choose a central locaton convenient to all. Tour times: 9am--1pm. Brooklyn Select tours depart and end in Brooklyn, at a convenient and easy to find subway stop. Tour times: 10am--1pm.

    3- Why don't you specify the exact meeting point right now?
    Unlike most tour companies, we continually vary our tours, according to the season, and special events; no two tours are exactly alike. There is so much to see and talk about. We would get bored doing the same tour over and over again!

    4- Can I know in advance if you're offering a Highlights or Brooklyn Select tour?
    We will inform you in advance by email, or by phone when you reserve. Lately, people have been requesting our Brooklyn Select walking tour, so we are accomodating those requests.

    5- What if it rains? Snows? Too hot?
    We get wet. We get cold. We sweat. Of course, if there is a tempest, or the temperature starts melting asphalt, we reconsider. We are not responsible for circumstances beyond our control (i.e.: if you oversleep; extreme weather conditions; impromptu street closings). If we need to cancel a tour, we'll refund your money. If you decide to cancel without sufficient notice, we'll pocket your money and spend it as fast as we can...and give you credit for a future tour, based on availability.

    6- What form of payment do you accept?
    Presently, we still accept only cash or travellers checks for public tours. Charter groups pay by check.. We anticipate an online credit card payment system in the near future.

    7- So, what is a "Brooklyn Attitude"?
    Are you tawkin' tuh me? Whaddayuh, ya donno whadamtawkinaboud? Listen--are ya payinattenshon or what? Whatsamattah wid you?..... It's like this: A Brooklyn Attitude demonstrates generous heart for our neighbors who know us too well, and defiant pride toward our former rival across the river. It is characterized by immigrant families maintaining Old World traditions in a new environment, native residents who stayed through the hard times, and young artists breaking the next wave of style and culture. We all participate in the search for the elusive American Dream. As my father used to say, "There are two kinds of people in the world: the ones who come from Brooklyn, and those who wish they came from Brooklyn."